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From Ritual to Repertoire

A Cognitive-Developmental Systems Approach With Behavior-Disordered Children
Arnold Miller and Eileen Eller-Miller

From Ritual to Repertoire

Trapped within stereotypical behavior or victimized by transient stimuli, PDD children are often unable to initiate directed action, to learn, or to communicate their experience.

The book shows professionals how to assess and open up the world of disordered children using strategies easily applied in both clinical and school settings.

"...A remarkable volume. It is truly unique and should take its place alongside the major publications in the field of psychology."
- William M. Cruickshank, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Psychology University of Michigan

"A scholarly balance between theory and practice...An important contribution to speech/language clinicians..."
- Carol Prutting, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of California

"A courageous and, in places, brilliant exposition of very difficult aspects of the human condition."
- Peter H. Wolff, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

Published by John Wiley & Sons, FROM RITUAL TO REPERTOIRE has been described in a 1991 review WILEY by Janet Brown, Ph.D., for the Massachusetts Psychological Association Newsletter as "must reading for anyone working with severely disordered children."

About the Authors
Arnold Miller, Ph.D., is executive director of the Language and Cognitive Development Center, Boston, and affiliate professor of Psychology, Clark University. After his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Clark University in 1959 he held research appointments at Boston University and Harvard Medical School. He also directed the Language Development Laboratory at Wrentham State School. Eileen Eller-Miller, M.A., CCC, is education director at the Language and Cognitive Development Center. A speech and language pathologist, she took her degree from Columbia University and was then a staff member at Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital and Hunter College of New York. Subsequently following an interruption for child rearing, she collaborated with Arnold Miller in a number of published studies bearing on language and cognitive development. In 1965 she founded, with Arnold Miller, the internationally respected Language and Cognitive Development Center in Boston.


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