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The next training workshop on the Miller Method® is scheduled as follows:

July 15 - 18, 2010 in Newton, MA
March 13-16, 2009
October 24-27, 2008

For further information on the workshops, contact Dr. Miller by e-mail or by telephone (800) 218 5232 or (617) 965 0045.


The Center offers several different vehicles for training in the Miller Method® for professionals in all relevant disciplines who are concerned with treating or educating children with autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Arnold Miller is scheduling a 4-day Miller Method Training from July 13 through 16, 2007. The workshop will be held at the Language and Cognitive Development Center at 154 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459. Interested parties should request application forms from either Dr. Miller or Dr. Paul Callahan.


Workshops are often presented live by Dr. Arnold Miller and senior staff at the Language & Cognitive Development Center in Newton, Massachusetts. They are also presented live or transmitted via videoconference from the Center to different sites around the country. The workshops cover major areas of difficulty for children on the autism spectrumto fourth. Typically, the first day of the workshop deals with developing body organization and improved contact with surroundings while the second to fourth days focuses on developing social interaction and communication as well as transitions to representation (including reading and writing) and inclusion with typical children.

The workshops demonstrate Miller Method® techniques that provide dramatic alternatives to behavioral approaches for these children. With parents' permission and participation, workshop leaders demonstrate how an elevated square structure allows them to transform a disordered child's scattered, disorganized behavior into highly directed and focused task-related activity. Once the child performs these tasks they show how to expand these behaviors so that the tasks may be performed for anybody on the elevated square or on the ground. They also demonstrate how to help children who get "stuck" move from one activity to another without distress.

The workshops stress the importance of working with the child's need to move in order to make sense of his/her surroundings as opposed to "compliance training" which assumes that children must first sit at a table before they can learn. The workshops also sensitize professionals to the importance of transitions that guide the children from their action world to symbolic forms which allow them to represent and communicate reality with gestures, pictures and both spoken and written language.

During the past 10 years, 55% of the children with autism and PDD served at LCDC have been successfully returned to and integrated within their public school classes.


To qualify for certification as a Miller Method® Specialist a professional must meet criteria related to their discipline, participation in 4-day training workshops at LCDC, hours of supervision, cases covered and written examination.

Professional Discipline: Clinical and/developmental psychologists, pediatric nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, special educators, speech and language pathologists are appropriate candidates for training and certification.

Four Day Miller Method® Workshops: Participation in the Basic Four-Day Miller Method® Workshop is mandatory; currently, participation in the Advanced Four- Day Miller Method® Workshop is optional -- although recommended.

Supervision: A total of 50 weeks of supervision (1 hour per week) is required unless the advanced workshop is taken. Supervision may be taken either at LCDC, via videoconferencing oversight (VCO) or via teleconferencing oversight (TCO) supplemented by monthly analysis of videotapes.

Cases: Each trainee selects 3 children -- two non-verbal and one limited verbal with autism or PDD or severe communication disorder -- as the group on which they will be supervised. On a quarterly basis copies of notes on each child are sent to their supervisor. In the course of the year, each trainee conducts an Umwelt Assessment on each child, works out a treatment/education plan for each child and conducts treatment sessions. Those with VCO have their sessions supervised while they are conducting them; those with TCO will have a monthly videotape of their sessions analyzed and discussed over the telephone. Special education professionals learn to apply Miller Method strategies in the classroom.

Written Examination: At the end of the 50 sessions, each trainee is given a series of searching questions about the children with whom they have worked. On successful completion of the examination, certification as Miller Method® Therapist (if a clinician) or Specialist (if a special educator) is awarded by the Language and Cognitive Development Center.

Authorized Miller Method® school programs are defined as those which have a) a certified Miller Method Specialist or Therapist on staff, or b) an ongoing consultative relationship (usually via videoconferencing) with senior staff from the Language and Cognitive Development Center. Programs which do not meet this criteria may not present themselves to the public as Miller Method programs.


LCDC, in response to many requests, now offers -- in addition to its Basic 4-Day Workshop on the Miller Method® -- an Advanced 4-Day Workshop. The Advanced 4-Day Miller Method® Workshop is open only to those who have either taken the Basic Workshop or who have had substantial exposure to the Miller Method® in their workplace. All 4-day workshops are limited to 20 people and are credited toward certification as a Miller Method® Specialist.


The Center periodically makes available traineeships for varying lengths of time, to professionals seeking more prolonged exposure to the Miller Method®. Trainees are assigned to staff either in a classroom at one of its satellite programs or to senior staff in the Centerís clinical program. Professionals interested in applying for a traineeship should contact Dr. Paul Callahan, Director of Operations at (800) 218-5232 or (617) 965 0045.

Offered: At all times during the year.
Tuition: To be determined on a case by case basis.


LCDC has an ongoing research program and is interested in applicants with some research background to serve as research assistants. In the past we have traded instruction in the Miller Method® for research assistance. Professionals with relevant backgrounds are encouraged to apply for such openings.

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