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The Miller Method® Newsletters

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Miller Method® Workshops

 Miller Method Workshop October 10-11, 2003 - Caldwell, New Jersey

Research Relevant to the Miller Method®

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Other Publications

Miller, A. with Chretien, K. (2007) The Miller Method: Developing the Capacities of Children on the Autism Spectrum. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Available through:
Cognitive Designs, Inc.

Miller, A. and Eller-Miller, E. (November, 2000) The Miller Method: A Cognitive-Developmental Systems Approach for Children with Body Organization, Social and Communication Issues. Chapter 19. (pp 489-516) in (Eds.) Greenspan, S & Weider, S. ICDL Clinical Practices Guidelines: Revising the standards of practice for infants, toddlers and children with developmental challenges. Download the PDF

Miller, A. & Eller-Miller, E. (1989),
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Available through:
Cognitive Designs, Inc.

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