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We maintain that each child - no matter how withdrawn or disorganized - is trying to find a way to cope with the world. Our task is to help that child use every capacity or fragment of capacity to achieve this.


Four Day Miller Method Training: May 23 - 26 and July 18 - 21, 2008 Newton, MA. To register contact Dr. Paul Callahan (PaulJCall@aol.com) or call 800 218 5232. Register now.


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The Center's latest Newsletter - the first in several years - has been posted under Key Publications. It includes scheduled dates for the next three 4-Day Miller Method Workshops. The scheduled dates are:

July 13 - 16, 2007
September 28 - October 1, 2007
November 16 - 19, 2007
January 18 - 21, 2008
March 14 - 17, 2008
May 23- 26, 2008
July 18 - 21, 2008


Recently, LCDC has established a videoconferencing link with the Alia Center for Early Intervention, a school for autistic children, in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Through this link, Dr. Arnold Miller is able to work with staff, children and parents on a regular basis. Each parent completes and transmits a Miller Diagnostic Survey so that Dr. Miller has a framework for intervention for each child.

The arrangement with Bahrain came about through the Director, Rania Alkhalifa's internet research of various approaches to treating autism. Following this research, she came to the U.S. to discuss consultation between LCDC and the Alia Center for Early Intervention (which she was instrumental in founding). After overcoming a number of technical problems, a successful videoconferencing link was established between the two Centers... Fortunately, English is a strong second language for Bahranians.

Future plans with the Alia Center include a 4-day training conference in November - via videoconferencing -- for staff and an increase from one to two videoconferencing sessions per week beginning February 1, 2007.

The only downside is that he has to be ready at 8:00 AM (our time) in order to work with Bahranian staff and children at 3:00 PM (their time). But the delight he sees in the faces of staff and parents as the children begin to progress on the Elevated Square and on the ground, more than compensates for the early rise.


Since words do not adequately describe the dynamics involved in working with an autistic child on an Elevated Square, LCDC has arranged with webmaster Steve Curd to include an 8 minute video excerpt of videoconference sessions guiding the work with Andrew, a 4 year old autistic boy, along with his therapists and family. The clip shows Andrew, a nonverbal autistic boy, achieve for the first time the sign and word "come" to bring first his father and then his mother to him.

View a videoconferencing session with Andrew, his parents and therapists
View a videoconferencing session example
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A new book by Dr. Arnold Miller with Kristina Chretien (an LCDC staff member for over 25 years) is being published by Jessica Kiingsley Publishers in December 2006. The books title is "The Miller Method: Developing the Capacities of Children on the Autism Spectrum." The book is reader-friendly, presents essential theory and many strategies for helping children on the spectrum. A list of chapter titles follow:

    Preface: Beyond Compliance.

    Part I About Children's Systems
    1. What Makes the Miller Method® Unique?
    2. Children as Victims or Masters of Their Systems
    3. Searching for Capacity

    Part II Treatment
    4. Getting Started with the Miller Method®
    5. Elevating the Special Child: Creating an Enhanced Reality
    6. Exploiting Systems to Develop Social Capacity
    7. Prelude to Communication, by Kristina Chretien
    8. Becoming a Child Who Communicates

    Part III Education
    9. Teaching the Child to Cope
    10. Teaching to Children's Reality

    Part IV Research
    11. Research and Applications of the Miller Method®
    Appendix A Glossary
    Appendix B Miller Diagnostic Survey for Children with Developmental Issues
    Appendix C Sam and the Boys
    Appendix D The Language and Cognitive Development Center

    The new book may be ordered by contacting Jessica Kingsley Publishers or Amazon.com.


Dr. Arnold Miller is scheduling a 4-day Miller Method Training from July 13 through 16, 2007. The workshop will be held at the Language and Cognitive Development Center at 154 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459. Interested parties should request application forms from either Dr. Miller or Dr. Paul Callahan.


September 2004

Having sold its Jamaica Plain property, LCDC is relocating at 154 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459. The Center will be operational in its new site by September 15, 2004.

The new Center will have enhanced capacity for videoconferencing consultation with schools, clinics and families in this and in other countries. It will also continue to evaluate and treat children with autism on a regularly scheduled basis in the new Center. It's conference facilities also permit regular workshops for professionals and parents of special children.

For further information, contact Dr. Paul Callahan PaulJCall@aol.com or by telephone (617) 965-0045.


June 18, 2004

Eileen Eller-Miller, wife and colleague of Arnold Miller for 45 years, died on June 18, 2004 after a long and courageous battle with colon cancer. She died at home as she wished. Throughout her devastating illness she maintained her optimism and wish to help children with autism achieve a meaningful life. Just weeks before she died -- with barely enough strength to sit up -- she participated in a videoconference with Dr. Miller to help an autistic child and his family. Over the years she partnered with Arnold Miller in founding the Language and Cognitive Development Center and in developing the Miller Method. Her contributions and life will be detailed in the next memorial issue of the LCDC Newsletter which will appear in the Fall. Before she died, she urged that her husband continue the mission of the Center. The next Newsletter will describe how her wish is being honored.

The many condolence cards received by the Miller family indicate how profoundly she will be missed -- not only by her husband, their three children and three grandchildren -- but by the many families whose lives have changed for the better because of her grace and wisdom.


Dr. Arnold Miller, Executive Director of the Language and Cognitive Development Center of Boston -- a Center recognized internationally for its pioneering work with autistic children for almost 40 years -- announced that Rebecca Sperber, a psychotherapist, writer, and parent of an autistic boy, has been selected to direct a new Los Angeles Center to bring the Miller Method to the area.

The Los Angeles Miller Method Resource Center -- bearing the logo of the Boston Center -- will be open April 2003 and will provide the following services:

  • Information on Ms. Sperber's personal experience with the method and its effect on her 8 year-old son.

  • Monthly interaction with Dr. Miller in Boston via videoconferencing sessions.

  • Materials about the Miller Methodâ-- including opportunities for parent and professional training.

  • Family counseling to help parents cope with the ongoing stress of life with an autistic child.

Parents, teachers, or professionals should contact the LAMMRC at (310) 571-0802 to schedule attendance at an informal, monthly, cost-free video-conferencing session with Dr. Miller. For further information about the approach, you can reach Dr. Miller directly in Boston at (800) 218-5232.


Read the Miller Method Newsletter for more information about:
  • The Miller Diagnostic Survey (1)
  • Contrasting the Miller Method with ABA (2)
  • Helping the Children "Come Alive!" (3)
  • Two Vibrant Miller Method Programs (4-5)
  • The Miller Method Through the Eyes of a Man Emerging from Autism Spectrum Disorder (6)
  • The Parents' Corner (7)
  • For Professionals Seeking Miller Method Training (8)


The purpose of this survey is to gather information needed to accurately assess your child's capacities. Such an assessment is helpful to your child's teachers and therapists in tailoring a program to your child's needs. It also helps you and those working with your child to assess your child's progress over time.

This survey is designed around observations which parents and teachers are likely to make in their everyday interactions with the child. In a few cases you may not know the answer to a question from prior observation. In these cases, you may want to set up a "simple experiment" so you can observe your child's response to the situation set forth in a particular question. You can then answer the question based on your child's actual performance.

Once a parent transmits her or his responses to the questions,  a senior staff member at the Language and Cognitive Development Center will review them and share impressions about the child with the parent.

Click here to access the Miller Diagnostic Survey


If you have any questions or comments that you would like to post to professionals at LCDC and other website visitors, you can now utilize our newest website resource, the Interactive Discussion Forum.

The Discussion Forum has been provided as a means for individuals to post questions and comments anonymously, to which other individuals and professionals from LCDC may respond in a threaded discussion format.


Miller Method workshops previously listed for 5-days are now conducted as 4-day workshops. Two innovations have made this possible without sacrificing workshop content: One, changing the examination from "in-house" to "take home," and two, starting each workshop day a half hour earlier. All workshops are conducted by Arnold Miller, Ph.D. and Eileen Eller-Miller, M.A.,CCC-SLP who -- with the help of their staff -- have created the Miller Method.

All workshops introduce theory and practice of the Miller Method and provide opportunity for "hands on" training. Professionals planning to continue toward certification as a Miller Method Specialist or Therapist are required to take the examination. Parents of special children who attend the workshop generally do not choose to take the examination.

Tuition is $1100 with the text (Ritual to Repertoire) or $975 without it. The tuition for parents of a special child is $450.00. Contact Dr. Paul Callahan at (800) 218-5232 to register, for further information about the workshops or hotel accommodations.

American Public Television Accepts "Come Back Jack" for National Broadcast.

"Come Back Jack" is a video documentary showing the bumpy road a family went through as they sought help for their son, Jack Parish, who carries a diagnosis in the Autism Spectrum. The award-winning hour-long film shows the Parish family’s arrival at LCDC, the assessment of Jack by Dr. Arnold Miller and Jack's heart-warming progress under the guidance of Eileen Miller and her dedicated staff during his five-month stay. Through interviews with Jack’s mother, Diane, the documentary also shows, in intimate detail, what his progress meant to his family.

Jack's father, Robert Parish, is a professional scriptwriter and filmmaker based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He followed his son's progress at LCDC with his camera and assembled the documentary. Recently, he reported that "Come Back Jack" won two prestigious national awards, a Silver Telly and an "AXIEM," which stands for "Absolute Excellence in Electronic Media."

The broadcast premiere of "Come Back Jack" aired on Cincinnati's PBS station, WCET, on June 22, 1999. American Public Television, based in Boston, will feed the program to approximately 90 of their affiliated PBS stations on August 22, 1999. A list of TV stations carrying the program can be found on the "Come Back Jack" website, www.comebackjack.com.

From the PBS documentary, "Come Back Jack":
Jack at the Language and Cognitive Development Center


Arnold and Eileen Miller -- who direct the Language and Cognitive Development Center (Boston) -- report that Angela Bogus, the beautiful, flaxen-haired 5-year old girl with autism-spectrum disorder from Mississauga, Canada, who spent four months last year at their Center in Massachusetts, is returning to learn how to read and write.

When Angela first came to LCDC she was completely non-verbal and tantrummed and screamed with almost every change in the day's routine. Within four months this disorganized little girl made dramatic progress which was recorded in the video documentary "Where is Angela?" Here, in mother's own words recorded in the documentary, is what happened:

"She would scream a lot and tantrum...With even little demands she would throw herself on the ground, bang her head, slap her face and bite her wrist...But in the second week of the program she made her first sign...I remember we were in the swimming pool and she was in the hot tub and she looked at me, smiled...and for the first time in her life she signed come to me. I immediately ran to her.

From that time -- every day she would come up with a new sign she had learned in school: come, go, plate, give, cup, glass...About one month later she both signed and spoke her first words "come" "give" "plate" "juice" "drink." After three months and three weeks she could request in words -- using simple sentences -- "Give Angela Juice (or drink or apple)." Or she would say, " I want juice...I want play...I want toys."

Once Angela started to sign and speak that was the turning point in her life...Actually, that was the turning point in our life...Our whole life changed because she became much happier. She tolerated changes much better... And, for the very first time in her life she could wait for things she wanted...She now understands what we say to her and she focuses much better.

Since we left the program I haven't seen her slapping her face or biting her wrist...Also, her tantrums and screaming have subsided... I would like to thank Mrs. Miller and Dr. Miller for implementing this program for Angela... And I would like to thank the exceptional teachers and therapists who were very gentle and caring and yet made a profound change in her life...and in ours."

And now, on Monday, September 28, 1998, a year later, six year old Angela returns with her mother, a nurse, and her father, an engineer, to LCDC to attempt the next step in her development -- learning to read and write. If all goes well and LCDC's dedicated staff and their unique Symbol Accentuation Reading Program succeeds, Angela and her parents will return home to Mississauga in the province of Ontario, Canada, at the end of December with a wonderful Christmas present -- their daughter's ability to find meaning in written words.

Those wishing to learn more about the Language and Cognitive Development Center, 154 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459, should call Dr. Arnold Miller at (617) 965-0045 or

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